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The team of Etna Quad Adventure has a great love for nature and adventure. With respect for nature and with the greatest possible safety in mind, you will discover the Etna volcano by quad. So you can reach places that have long been forgotten!

Experience unforgettable moments and adventures, by discovering the area around the Etna volcano by quad. Did you know that the Mount Etna is the highest volcano in Europe?

Discover and explore the unique flavours and places of Mount Etna and the Alcantara River. With the quad you will drive along old roads through the forests and the Etna nature park. Enjoy the beautiful elements along the way: the colors, the beautiful volcanic landscape and the wonderful climate of Sicily and let yourself be taken on an unforgettable adventure!

Are you a lover of nature and adventure? Go on an adventure with Etna Quad Adventure: 100% fun guaranteed!

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Nickname: Lo Scammellato
Motto: day without risk is a lost day
It is said to have been born with rider suit. At 8 years old he built his first engine, mounting it in place of the basket of a "Rosella" (classical girls bicycle) at that time the only vehicle at his disposal. Since then he has not got off from the saddle, taking part in several expeditions in the Tunisian Sahara and Morocco. Experienced guide, mountain lover, member of the Italian Alpine Club and a great connoisseur of Mogibello (Etna) and eastern Sicily, always looking for unique places and adrenaline adventures.
Call Alessandro: +39 339 587 5145
Nickname: Snowman
Motto: O mmutto o pottu a cruci (Sicilian saying)
Born in Linguaglossa, mountain lover and co-founder of Etna Quad Adventure. With many years of off-road activities, from the lava paths to the sand dunes of the African desert, he took part in some expedition in Tunisian Sahara and Morocco. Carmelo is an expert of the Mount Etna and lives in Linguaglossa waiting for the snow. Great pilot of snowcats, hence its nickname "Snow Man". Without him the snow would dominate unchallenged on the roads of Etna.

Call Carmelo: +39 333 119 5618

The quad fleet

Our quads are automatic Polaris. The quad guarantees maximum fun, both on and off-road, even on the adventurous terrain of Etna!

Etna quad mezzi - Polaris quad